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Featured Project: Revolutionizing Focus Groups

For decades now, marketing organizations and political media have used dial testing as a means of gauging user’s reactions to commercials, movies, and political candidates. This simple means of gathering feedback has been largely unchanged for the last 25 years – ignoring advances in technology and requests from the marketplace for a more modern and feature-rich solution . . . a solution that First Rule is now bringing to the market.

Introducing the First Rule Focus Group System, built from the ground up on modern technology that leverages all the advances that technology enables. The First Rule Focus Group System uses sleek metal dials with elegant lighting that work in conjunction with a specially built Android Operating System and application that is loaded onto modern tablets.


This provides many exciting features that media-makers have been asking for, including:

  • Blazingly fast setup and teardown times.
  • A web-centric modern framework.
  • A wireless and rechargeable dial setup with massive range.
  • Real-time data viewing and analysis – even from outside the focus group room or potentially across the globe.
  • More feature-rich data visualizations, including real-time data overlays on video.
  • On the spot, poll creation and dissemination to all the active dials.

The First Rule Focus Group System will take the vital task of getting accurate real-time user feedback into the modern era – saving moderators and media-makes, time and money.

If you are ready for better data, better analysis, and a better return on your investment, contact First Rule today and experience what focus grouping for the modern era can do for you.

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